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Learning about Syryngomyelia and Chiari malformations
My audio and video documentaries about AISMAC - Italian Syryngomyelia and Chiari Association - are aimed to convey how founders realized such a reality of support was vital in Italy. A reality which gives comfort and assistance to patients from the moment of diagnosis onward.

Most of the time people do not know anything about those diseases. AISMAC want to be there for patients when a lack of information comes up. Also Italian Syryngomyelia and Chiari Association's goal is to be helpful and caring towards patients in the case that doctors are not aware of what this disease exactly is. And on top of that, AISMAC would like to encourage people who might enter the endless labyrinth of a incorrect diagnosis. In order to do all that important things Paola and Carlo Celada founded AISMAC association in Italy, following the example of International Chiari associations of patients.

I decided to investigate this reality because I felt Carlo and Paola Celada have the goal of making this association very helpful and supportive following the American and English example. Not only this is important for Italian patient, but also for all the people all over the world in order to make them know they are part of a global community and they are not alone. Because knowledge helps every patient and social network and the internet are vital for that purpose. Following this train of thoughts, I found this reality extremely important to me. As a film maker I am convinced I have the duty to strengthen and fortify AISMAC efforts spreading the world about it as much as I can.

Elisabetta Micali was the key person who connected me to AISMAC. Even though she is a Chiari patient, she fortunately is very well and she fundraises for AISMAC through theatre as a theatre director. She put on stage productions such as At home waiting for the rain by Jean-Luc Lagarce and Liliom by Ferenc Molnár. Thanks to her, I could explore AISMAC reality starting from Arts.

Syryngomyelia and Chiari are malformations of the brain which can cause pain and symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, vertigo, lack of coordination. Sometimes it can be even more severe. Hans Chiari discovered this disease at the end of 19th century but unfortunately, in Italy there is a deep lack of information about Chiari and syryngomyelia. Today AISMAC counts more than 1500 members. Carlo Celada founded it after his wife, Paola, mistreated by a non prepared doctor, started a long path toward Chiari diagnosis.

This video documentary listens to patients and to doctors, to relatives and to artists who contribute in order to fight Syryngomyelia and Chiari and give support. Associations of patients are priceless in order to give people with a problem the idea life can be still very good.