Lilithwork is an organization made up of an enthusiastic group of professionals who conceive and develop documentaries around Europe to talk about social, historical and political issues.

Lilithwork, an association originating in Italy, is opening branches in other countries to give value to connections among worldwide realities that share the same passions.

Lilithwork gives the possibility of enjoying its video productions through sharing. English versions of our productions are being developed.
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Anna’s Profile
I was born in Rio de Janeiro in a multicultural family and have spent most of my life between Brazil and United States. I started my career as a biologist and hold a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Art in Biological Sciences. Having my heart divided between Marine Biology and Neuroscience, and decided for the first one during my last year at the St. Ursula University, in Rio. Since then, I have leaded and collaborated on several projects ranging from Deep See Hydrothermal Vents to Ecology of Sand Beach Crustaceans and Rehabilitation of Stranded Pilot Whales, but it was during observations at a Montessori School in Key West, FL that I discovered my love for teaching. I could not believe how driven, confident and engaged in their work the children were. I immediately felt connected with that dynamic and peaceful environment and decided to find out the reasons and outcomes of that style of education.

After two years working at The Montessori Childrenʼs School in Key West, FL-USA I went back to school and earned my American Montessori Society (AMS) Early Childhood Certification from the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center (NEMTEC). Shortly after I started to work at Kingsley Montessori School in Boston where I was introduced to the Harvard Graduate School of Education “Project Zero” and its several projects such as “Multiple Intelligences Theory”, “Educating for Global Competence” and “Making Thinking Visible” which represent the link between my scientific trained mind and passion for education.

My desire to know as much as I can about Montessori and the science behind the philosophy brought me to its origins, Italy.
In the past four years, I have collaborated with the Cambridge Montessori School in Cambridge, USA where I was in charge of introducing young children to their Passport Montessori program, done consulting for the New England Aquarium in Boston, USA in their primary educational program, attended several Montessori and Neuroeducation conferences around the world and continued my Montessori research having visited schools in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Indonesia.